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01 2020

Pope Francis - Holy Mass Santa Marta (Domus Sanctae Marthae)  28.01.20  


When joy is lacking in a Christian, that Christian is not fruitful; when joy is lacking in our hearts, there is no fruitfulness. 
The Church will not go forward, the Gospel will not go forward with boring, embittered evangelizers.  It will only go forward with joyful evangelizers, full of life.

Pope Francis Sunday of the 
Word of God 26.01.20 

Word of God

Change your life, for a new way of living has begun. The time when you lived for yourself is over; now is the time for living with and for God, with and for others, with and for love. The Lord gives you his word, so that you can receive it like a love letter he has written to you, to help you realize that he is at your side. His word consoles and encourages us. At the same time it challenges us, frees us from the bondage of our selfishness and summons us to conversion. Because his word has the power to change our lives and to lead us out of darkness into the light. This is the power of his word. 
The word of salvation does not go looking for untouched, clean and safe places. Instead, it enters the complex and obscure places in our lives. 
He is not afraid to explore the terrain of our hearts and to enter the roughest and most difficult corners of our lives. He knows that his mercy alone can heal us, his presence alone can transform us and his word alone can renew us. So let us open the winding paths of our hearts. 
To follow Jesus, mere good works are not enough; we have to listen daily to his call.  
That is why we need his word: so that we can hear, amid the thousands of other words in our daily lives, that one word that speaks to us not about things, but about life. 
Each day, let us read a verse or two of the Bible. Let us begin with the Gospel: let us keep it open on our table, carry it in our pocket or bag, read it on our cell phones, and allow it to inspire us daily. We will discover that God is close to us, that he dispels our darkness and, with great love, leads our lives into deep waters.

Pope Francis  General Audience - Christian Unity 22.01.20

Pope Francis Christian Unity Hospitality Migrants 22.01.20

Hospitality is important; and it is also an important ecumenical virtue. First of all, it means acknowledging that other Christians are truly our brothers and sisters in Christ. We're brothers.  
Welcoming Christians of another tradition means firstly showing God's love to them, because they are children of God – our brothers – and also means welcoming what God has accomplished in their lives. Ecumenical hospitality requires a willingness to listen to others, paying attention to their personal stories of faith and the history of their community, communities of faith with another tradition other than our own.  
We, as Christians, must work together to show migrants the love of God revealed by Jesus Christ.  Working together to live ecumenical hospitality, especially towards those whose lives are most vulnerable, will make us all Christians – Protestants, Orthodox, Catholics, all Christians – better human beings, better disciples and a Christian people that is more united. It will bring us ever closer to unity, which is God's will for us.

Pope Francis Peace Message 01.01.20


Pope Francis Epiphany Mass 06.01.20


Once we lose the sense of worship, we lose our direction in the Christian life, which is a journey towards the Lord, not towards ourselves. 

The Christian life, when it fails to worship the Lord, can become a discreet way of affirming ourselves and our own abilities. This is a grave risk: we use God instead of serving him. How many times have we confused God’s power, which is for serving others, with power of this world, which is for serving ourselves! 

Once we worship, we come to realize that faith is not simply a set of fine doctrines, but a relationship with a living Person whom we are called to love.  Worship means putting the Lord at the centre, not ourselves.

Peace is a great and precious value, the object of our hope and the aspiration of the entire human family...Hope is thus the virtue that inspires us and keeps us moving forward, even when obstacles seem insurmountable...  We need to pursue a genuine fraternity based on our common origin from God and exercised in dialogue and mutual trust. … When we learn to live in forgiveness, we grow in our capacity to become men and women of peace...  . There can be no true peace unless we show ourselves capable of developing a more just economic system...  Faced with the consequences of our hostility towards others, our lack of respect for our common home or our abusive exploitation of natural resources – seen only as a source of immediate profit, regardless of local communities, the common good and nature itself – we are in need of an ecological conversion...

Pope Francis Solemnity of 
Mary Mother of God 01.01.20


We begin the year by celebrating Our Lady, the woman who wove the humanity of God. If we want to weave humanity into this our time, we need to start again from the woman. The rebirth of humanity began from a woman. Women are sources of life. 
If we want a better world, a world that will be a peaceful home and not a war field, may we take to heart the dignity of each woman.