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12 2019

Pope at Audience: If life is reborn it's really Christmas Merry Christmas everyone!

Pope Francis General Audience 18.12.19

Pope Francis General Audience Christmas Nativity Scene at Advent

Pope Francis - Christmas meeting with UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres 20.12.19

Pope Francis and UN Secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, Christmas meeting and messages

It is good that we are having this meeting in the days just before Christmas. These are days in which we raise our eyes to heaven and commend to God those people and situations that are closest to our heart. In this gaze, we acknowledge ourselves to be sons and daughters of one Father, brothers and sisters.

We give thanks for all the goodness present in this world, and for all those who freely give of themselves, those who spend their lives in service to others, those who do not give up but keep trying to build a more humane and just society. We know well that we cannot be saved alone.

We cannot and we must not avert our eyes from forms of injustice and inequality, the scandal of world hunger, poverty, children who die because they lack water, food and necessary care...

Pope Francis - Christmas Greetings to Vatican and Holy See Employees 21.12.19

My wish this time can be summed up in one word: smile. The smile - an expression of love and affection, typically human.
Jesus is the smile of God. He came to reveal to us the love of our Heavenly Father, His goodness, and the first way He did so was to smile at His parents, like every new-born child in this world.
We always need to let ourselves be renewed by the smile of the Child Jesus.
Merry Christmas!

Pope Francis  Angelus 22.12.19

   Pope Francis Angelus about St Joseph 22.12.19

On this fourth and final Sunday of Advent, the Gospel (cf. Mat 1:18-24) guides us to Christmas through the experience of St. Joseph, a person who is apparently in second place, but whose attitude contains the entirety of Christian wisdom. He is the most modest. One who does not preach, does not speak, but tries to do God's will; and performs it in an evangelical style and the style of the Beatitudes.
Joseph totally trusts God, obeys the words of the Angel, and takes Mary into his home. It is precisely this unwavering trust in God that has allowed him to accept a humanly difficult and, in a sense, incomprehensible situation.
May the Virgin Mary and her chaste husband Joseph help us to listen to Jesus who comes, and who asks that we listen to Him regarding our plans and choices.  

Pope Francis  Christmas Night Mass 24.12.19

Pope Francis 24.12.19 Midnight Mass Nativity of Jesus

Tonight the love of God has shown itself to us: it is Jesus. Here on earth everything seems to respond to the logic of giving to get, God comes free. 
Christmas reminds us that God continues to love us all, even the worst of us. God does not love you because you think right and behave well; he just loves you. His love is unconditional. You may have made a complete mess of things, but the Lord does not give up loving you.
How often do we think that God is good if we are good and that He punishes us if we are bad. It's not like that. In our sins, He continues to love us.
He was born in utter poverty, to win our hearts with the wealth of His love. Let us receive the gift that is Jesus, in order then to become a gift like Jesus. Becoming a gift is giving meaning to life. And it is the best way to change the world: we change, the Church changes, history changes when we stop trying to change others but try to change ourselves, making our lives a gift.
Jesus shows us this tonight: He did not change history by pressuring anyone or by the force of words, but with the gift of His life. He didn't wait for us to become good before He loved us, but He gave Himself freely to us. May we not wait for our neighbours to become good before we do good for them, for the Church to be perfect before we love her, for others to respect us before we serve them.
A charming legend relates that at the birth of Jesus, the shepherds hurried to the stable with various gifts. Each one brought what he had, some brought the fruits of their own work, some brought something precious. But, as they were presenting their gift, there was one shepherd who had nothing. He was very poor, he had nothing to offer. As the others competed in to give their gifts, he stood on the side-lines, embarrassed. At one point St. Joseph and Our Lady found it hard to receive all the gifts, many, especially Mary, who was holding the Baby. Then, seeing that shepherd with empty hands, she asked him to come closer. And she put Jesus in his arms. That shepherd, in accepting Him, realized that he had received what he did not deserve, that he had in his arms the greatest gift in history. He looked at his hands, those hands that always seemed empty to him: they had become the cradle of God. He felt loved, and overcoming the embarrassment, he began to show Jesus to the others, because he could not keep for himself the gift of gifts.
Dear brother, dear sister, if your hands look empty to you, if you think your heart is poor in love, tonight is for you. God's grace has appeared to shine in your life. Embrace it and the light of Christmas shines in you.

Pope Francis Urbi et Orbi 25.12.19

Urbi et Orbi

The incarnate Son of God is born anew this night. His name is Jesus, which means: “God saves”. The Son is born, like a small light flickering in the cold and darkness of the night. There is darkness in human hearts, yet the light of Christ is greater still.

There is darkness in personal, family and social relationships, but the light of Christ is greater. There is darkness in economic, geopolitical and ecological conflicts, yet greater still is the light of Christ.....

On this joyful Christmas Day, may he bring his tenderness to all and brighten the darkness of this world.