Violence - Pope Francis    

The peace of Christ is neither “neutrality” nor “compromise at all costs”. Following Jesus entails giving up evil and selfishness and choosing good, truth and justice, even when this demands sacrifice and the renunciation of one’s own interests.

When Jesus said that he came to bring division, it is not that Jesus wishes to split people up. On the contrary, he sets a standard for us to live for ourselves or to live for God and for others; to have oneself served or to serve; to obey one’s own ego or to obey God. As a result, the use of force cannot be authorized for the purpose of defending the faith.
Faith and violence are incompatible, the Christian’s real strength is the force of the truth and of love, which involves renouncing all violence.

Remember that to follow Jesus means being involved because faith is not a decoration, it means choosing God as the criterion and basis of life.

Living faith does not mean decorating life with a little religion, as if it were a cake and we were decorating it with cream. No, this is not faith. After Jesus' coming it is impossible to act as if we did not know God. Indeed, God has a real face, he has a name: God is mercy, God is faithfulness, he is life which is given to us all.