11 2019

Pope Francis - Holy Mass, Santa Marta ( Domus Sanctae Marthae) 05.11.19

 Pope Francis  05.11.19  Salvation

We will be faced with this choice, this option, many times along the journey of life: either the lavishness of the Lord, going to visit the Lord, encountering the Lord, or closing myself in on my own affairs, my own interests.

The Lord's reaction to our refusal is firm: he wants all sorts of people called to the feast, brought there, even forced to come, good people and bad. Everyone is invited. Everyone. No one can say, 'I am bad, I can’t ...'. No. The Lord is waiting for you in a special way because you are bad.

Pope Francis - Holy Mass, Santa Marta ( Domus Sanctae Marthae) 12.11.19

 Pope Francis  12.11.19 Santa Marta - the devil

The Son of God became one of us. The devil cannot bare that, he can't tolerate it. The devil’s envy - the root of our evils, our temptations, it is the root of wars, hunger, of all the calamities in the world. It is not the norm to destroy and sow hatred, not even in politics.
Why is so much hatred sown in the world today? In families that sometimes cannot be reconciled, in our neighbourhood, in the workplace, in politics... The devil is the sower of hatred.

Pope Francis - Holy Mass, Santa Marta ( Domus Sanctae Marthae) 29.11.19

Pope Francis 29.11.19 Santa Marta Homily about Death

The certainty of death is written in the Bible and in the Gospel, but the Lord always presents it to us as an encounter with Him and accompanies it with the word hope. We are all vulnerable and we all have a door on which one day the Lord will knock. It is necessary to prepare well for that moment when the bell will ring, the moment when the Lord will knock on our door.