Pope Francis Homilies

Pope Francis Holy Mass 23.09.21

with the Council of Bishops' Conferences of Europe

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Today, in Europe, we Christians can be tempted to remain comfortably ensconced in our structures, our homes and our churches, in the security provided by our traditions, content with a certain degree of consensus, while all around us churches are emptying and Jesus is increasingly forgotten.

Consider how many people no longer hunger and thirst for God! Not because they are evil, but because there is no one to awaken in them a hunger for faith and to satisfy that thirst in the human heart, which the dictatorship of consumerism gently but insistently tries to suppress. So many people are induced to feel only material needs, and not a need for God. Do we feel concern and compassion for those who have not had the joy of encountering Jesus or who have lost that joy? Are we comfortable because deep down our lives go on as usual, or are we troubled.

Lack of charity causes unhappiness, because love alone satisfies the human heart.

This can also be our own problem: concentrating on various positions in the Church, on discussions, agendas and strategies. The solution to problems and self-absorption is always that of gratuitous gift.

For the Church, the house of God. To make her beautiful and welcoming, we need, together, to look to the future, not to restore the past. We need to rebuild from her foundations the Church of every time and place, from worship of God and love of neighbour.

The Lord is calling us to a splendid work, the work of making his house ever more welcoming, so that everyone can enter and dwell there, so that the Church can have doors open to all and that no one will be tempted to think only of guarding the doors and changing the locks.

So many people in Europe see the faith as déja vu, a relic of the past.

Why? Because they have not seen Jesus at work in their own lives. Often this is because we, by our lives, have not sufficiently shown him to them. God makes himself seen in the faces and actions of men and women transformed by his presence. . Jesus does not ask us to make arguments for God, he asks us to show him, in the same way the saints did, not by words but by our lives. He calls us to prayer and poverty, creativity and gratuity. Let us help today’s Europe to rediscover the ever youthful face of Jesus.

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